Sheffield CCG has asked GPs to stop prescribing certain medications that can be bought cheaply over the counter or that have questionable clinical benefits.

The cost savings from doing this will help provide funds for an already overstretched and over-spent budget for health across the city.

As a practice we support these changes. Examples of commonly used medications that will no longer be prescribed include: 

  • Paracetamol/ibuprofen/low strength co-codamol
  • Topical anti-inflammatory preparations like Ibugel and Voltarol gel
  • Pain relieving creams like Movelat and Deep Heat
  • Vitamins including Vitamin D (Desunin – this is 800 IU of vitamin D, available at supermarkets)
  • Antihistamines for hay-fever, such as Clarityn, cetirizine etc. These are very cheap at supermarkets and places like Poundland/Home Bargains.
  • Lubricating eye drops for minor eye conditions
  • Over the counter haemorrhoid treatments and laxatives that are advised for short term use

There are also several other individual medications that should no longer be prescribed based on there being more suitable alternatives available or due to them having limited clinical effectiveness. All of the pharmacists in the city are aware of these changes. They will be able to advise you about buying the correct medications. If the aforementioned medications are on your repeat prescription they will be discussed at your next medication review.

Thank you from all The Doctors